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Carmen Cordoba

Carmen Cordoba

HR Advisor


My Background

I am an HR professional with more than 10 years of experience who arrived in Sydney in 2011 as an international student.

I didn’t have the confidence to look for a job. I felt that my English wasn’t good enough to apply for a job in HR.

I arrived in a new continent where I am unfamiliar with the culture and the language. I felt that I had to start again. I had no hope. I felt incapable to continue in my career. I was an HR Manager in my country and now I am in Australia, I felt that I had to take baby steps again. My personal barrier was that I felt it was too difficult to get even a start in a decent office job in Australia.


Before Coaching

Before Leonie coached me, I wasn’t confident with myself. I couldn’t sell myself. I felt like I couldn’t communicate in an interview. I knew by leaving my country, I had to reinvent myself. I was prepared to get $15 an hour. I was going to work in a restaurant, in retail or even as a cleaner.

I honesty felt that I am not qualified to work in an office. I thought it was a very slim chance to even get into an office job. I felt like a foreigner and as thought I was a tiny ant in a country that was so unfamiliar to me. I believed I wasn’t worthy of an HR role. I didn’t feel that I could fulfill my dream of pursuing my HR career. I thought my HR career ended, it had ended when I flew out of my country.


The Interview Success Program

Leonie presented to me the My Focus Interview Success Program and I immediately invested in this program.

In May 2011, Leonie came over to my place to conduct the Interview Success Program. Before the mock interview my confidence level was 2/10. Leonie gave me thorough feedback and I was surprised with myself. I really had something to offer, I realised my experience is worthy and valued. After the interview, my confidence level reached 8/10. My confidence soared and I felt that “I could do it.”


After Coaching

I felt a real boost in my self-confidence and when Leonie left my place. I was jumping around at home and excited as I was thrilled that I had the confidence to apply for work.

I felt I could really do it. I could start from an entry-level position in HR. I was surprised I was able to answer the interview questions in English.

I had the total confidence to knock on doors to look for work.

I felt myself again, confident and empowered.


Job Search Journey

I applied for 4 jobs and 2 weeks later, I attended 2 jobs interviews in Sydney. I attended the interviews and applied new knowledge I gained from Leonie and I was offered a job at KPMG. Unfortunately, my husband found a job in Perth and then I had to relocate to Perth.

In Perth, I applied for work and I took my own initiative to see 5 recruitment agencies face to face.

I walked into the recruitment agency called Hays. I dressed professionally and dropped my resume at the reception. I walked out of the office doors and a lady passed by me at Reception. I took the lifts down and then I received a call from that lady at Hays. She was actually the Branch Manager and she asked me to come back in for a job interview. I was offered an immediate HR contract earning $35 an hour plus superannuation.


Final words

After this contract, I was appointed as an HR Administrator. I worked there for 8 months and I was promoted as an HR Advisor. Currently, I am an HR Advisor of a global organisation.

Leonie gave me the feedback and assurance that I had the relevant skills and experience to work in an HR role in Australia. Leonie’s coaching sessions are priceless, she is my mentor and working with her has given me confidence to be where I am today.