Do you have Job Satisfaction in your Career?

I was inspired by my Barista to write this article. As a Barista, he would see different people day in day out and he said, “About 9 out of 10 people who walk in each day, are just not happy at work. For some people their highlight of their day is going to buy their perfect cup of coffee.” Now if you enjoy your work, then you are lucky that you have job satisfaction in your career.


I remember early on in my career someone said to me, “Work is just work, just accept that you won’t like it.” I have never accepted this, I need to enjoy my work. I enjoy helping people, I enjoy inspiring and coaching people to achieve their career goals. So I would like to share with you 3 questions that you can ask yourself:


Monday morning, do I want to go to work? (If not, why not?)
Am I feeling drained at the end of the week because I really don’t enjoy work?
What is holding me back in pursuing my ideal career?


If you are dreading work and you just don’t want to be at work, it may be that you are working in a role that is not suitable for you. Consider a career change and find a role that is aligned with your personal values, strengths and interests.


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Leonie Lam

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